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Most awesome stuff in the world

:bulletgreen:「OH FOOD, Y U R SO TASTY?!」 :bulletgreen:

Omnomnomnomnom - I love good food ♫ ( ▽`).。o♡」

None of those photos belong to me!
But they're showing my favourite food... gawd! I'm so hungry now!
∩( ・ω・)∩」


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5 Dollar by Aishishi
5 Dollar
[From Tumblr] -

GiftArt for

She wrote a southpark fanfiktion (OneShot) about Kenny & Eric and I promised to draw a little fanart in return ~ 

If you’re able to understand the german language you can read it here ♥


(*you might need an account to read it, because it contains adult content so..yeah lol)

I hope she does like it and I hope you guys do as well. Wanted to be a bit experimental again and also felt like painting stuff, rather than doing cel-shading. Nice for diversion!

Just want to know the number South Park Fans following me. You know - Because I am so hooked right now.
94 deviants said + 1
I want to hold a livestream again. I am not sure wheter or not my new internet connection is strong enough to handle it. Might just have to give it a try I guess. 

Also that updated DA design is hella confusing to me. Like.. do I even want a watch feed? not sure not sure
Tweek Tweaks Pokemon by Aishishi
Tweek Tweaks Pokemon

So here’s my small Choice of Pokemon for Tweek!

One being Joltik, because it’s just as spikey as Tweeks hair, but also an electric type. I could imagine them shocking him all the time which makes him twitch around even more. Also they’re just fucking adorable and could easily hide in his clothes or hair ♥

The other choice is Spoink. Spoink is always jumping, always moving and I consider it fitting perfectly to Tweek because of this feature. What’s even more interesting AND FUCKING DRAMATIC is that it has to jump in order to survive. Yeah, you read right: As far as its pokedex entry goes it’s mentioned that this pokemon dies the moment it stops jumping: 

“Using its tail like a spring, it keeps its heart beating by bouncing constantly. If it stops, it dies.”

Normal people wouldn’t even be able to hug it unless they’d jerk around purposely all the time.

In this case Tweek twitching really gives him a unique possibility: I really can imagine him carrying Spoink around all the time, because due to his own twitching he could not only hug it but also keep it alive while doing so. Perfect match. 

But I am curious about what you guys think about my suggestions here. Which pokemon fits better?

*insert random ssbb title here*

Just wanted to inform you guys about the final and last part of the move that's going to happen tomorrow. Means we'll be riding the train with a one-way ticket to stuttgart to move into our new (and yet empty) flat. 

Due to this I will most likely have no real internet for the first days (probably weeks, ahahaha *laughs nervousely*) except for the little bit I can do via smartphone. In any case: Replies will take their time. 

We already ordered the installation of internet in our new flat, but we don't know when it's going to be installed, since these things can really take their time OTL I hope we will get internet access soon because we're a flat share of nerds haha HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO EVEN SURVIVE A DAY WITHOUT PROPER WORKING INTERNET LOL *rolls around*

So yeah, kinda off-line for the next days... ; w ;

Just want to know the number South Park Fans following me. You know - Because I am so hooked right now. 

94 deviants said + 1

Symphony & Harmony

:bulletyellow:「SCREW THE RULES」 :bulletyellow:

I've been born with wings an I'll use them!

:bulletyellow: 「TEAM WHATEVER APPLICATION」:bulletyellow:

TEAM WHATEVER APP 2013 by Aishishi

:bulletyellow:「ARTISTS YOU SHOULD WATCH ♥」 :bulletyellow:

Because if you don't do you'll miss totally awesome stuff&Style!
Yup! ︶ω︶)

:iconcyprinusfox: :iconindui: :iconsion-mania: :iconchillysundance:

:iconyassui: :icon0okami-rei: :icontwainkitty: :iconmiddroo: :iconclockwork-andy:

:iconmiflore: :iconhaychel: :iconmizune-chi: :iconhachibani:
:icontespia: :iconnovere: :iconouroporos: :icondeathbygnome: :iconyen-cat:

:iconpromsie: :iconflipfloppery:

:bulletyellow: Aishishi ♫ :bulletyellow:


:bulletpurple:「LETTERS OVER LETTERS」 :bulletpurple:

It's an old way to communicate, but a very personal one...

... which makes me smile everytime

:bulletblue:「AISHISHI IN THE INTERNET」 :bulletblue:

:bulletpurple:「STATUS OVERVIEW」 :bulletpurple:

Last time a lot of people asked me about commissions and stuff and I
felt very sorry about declining all those notes

Therefore I decided to put up this lil' information overview.

Now you guys always will know about my current
commission/whatever... status! ♥
(ヘ。ヘ) 」


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I luv ma ocs and I luv pokemon and I luv southpark lawl 
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a dragon.
I love your drawings of South Park and Pokemonnnn~]
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